Barn door provides both sportsmen & sportswomen with a dynamic link to businesses and brands.

We cover all sports and have a large portfolio of businesses that operate in a range of different sectors such as technology, nutrition, sports, property and fashion.

The exact nature of the opportunity is largely dictated by the unique circumstances and intentions of both the business and the athlete.

They often materialise in one or more of the following three forms:

» Bespoke Investment Opportunities
» Brand Ambassador Roles
» Non-Executive Director / Consultancy Roles

We are not agents, nor financial advisers. That is not our role or intention. We are a welfare platform created with the aim of helping athletes utilise their time, image and/or financial resource to prepare for life beyond sport.

Barn Door ensures that doors open rather than close, providing and facilitating mutually beneficial connections. When shared, the varied skill sets of entrepreneur and sports star can combine to drive rapid exposure, revenue growth and long term success for both parties.

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