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Marc Yaffe


Barn Door UK is the brain child of Marc Yaffe, Head of Commercial Litigation at JMW Solicitors LLP. He and his team have advised countless sports stars, agents and clubs in relation to a range of commercial and personal disputes. If there's a problem, there's a good chance that Marc will be able to fix it!

Of particular note, Marc successfully advised a consultant on a £1.2m dispute with a billionaire-owned football club, he has advised numerous sports stars on how to recover funds from bad or mis-sold investments, and has also brought actions against many professional advisors on behalf of some of our most prized sports stars where they have been badly advised. These include footballers from Manchester United, Manchester City, Leicester City, Crystal Palace, City, Stoke City, Everton, Aston Villa, Bolton, Sunderland, Newcastle and many others from the world of boxing, MMA, Cricket and Golf.

Marc also oversees the work of our media team, who run a highly effective reputation management service. Over the past 12 months, Marc's team has brought legal cases against newspapers, online publications and other 3rd parties for Defamation, Slander or other misdemeanours. Marc and his team are determined to protect their clients valuable public image.

Marc has appeared on BBC television and numerous other media outlets to provide his expert opinion on sporting matters, and was awarded the Lawyer of the Year award at the Manchester Young Talent Awards in 2015.

The other side of Marc's client base is the entrepreneurs themselves, which makes him the perfect person for Barn Door. Marc's twitter profile amusingly (yet accurately) describes him as 'cool, calm and connected'. Indeed, he is extremely well connected within both business and professional sport communities.